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Subversive Technologies
5th Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival “DARK CELLS”
1 - 7 JULY 2012 | 8-17 JULY 2012 (research-button week)
Talk by Julieta Maria

Workshop on Art and Activism
11th Havana Biennial

11 May - 11 June 2012
La Habana, Cuba
Presented by Arlan Londoño

LOOP Fair MAY 31 - JUNE 2 |

SCREEN FROM BARCELONA is a platform dedicated to moving image in contemporary art.
Copresentation: LiminalB + VFFF12 + e_fagia
Curated by Arlan Londoño


Digital Event'11: Subversive Technologies
This exhibition features new installations, performances and video art works by about 20 artists from Canada and abroad. The Toronto Free Gallery, Ryerson university and OCAD, Toronto, Canada
Curated by Julieta Maria and Arlan Londoño with Gabriel Roldos and Federica Matelli

Video Art From Canada
Barranquilla Museum of Modern Art, Barranquilla, and Bogotá, Colombia
Curated by Julieta Maria and Arlan Londoño

Video and Performance
Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics
Curated by Arlan Londoño
Artists:Laura Barrón, Julieta Maria, Liliana Velez, Marcela Armas, Alfonso Suarez, Theo Pelmus, David Lozano and Ulysses Castellanos

Video Art Online
Queens Museum of Art
Curated and Presented by Julieta Maria and Arlan Londoño



Videophgy / Videofagia
Curated by Arlan Londoño
Invited Programers and Curators: Guillermina Buzio, and Victoria Mofawad-Paul

aluCine Toronto Latin MediaFestival
Programming Director: Arlan Londoño and Sinara Rozo

Curated by Arlan Londoño
featuring artworks by Pablo Helguera, Eugenio Salas and Beehive Collective, at the University of Toronto Art Center


Digital Event"09
For its 3rd edition we will be showing an extraordinary array selection of interactive projects, web and electronic art.
Curated by Arlan Londoño, Hugo Ares, Julieta Maria and Eugenio Salas

Estética y Utopía, la herencia de las ideologías:
This project was created by e-fagia collective, directed by Arlan Londono

Lecture: This Project was creted for the Theoretical Event. Tenth Havana Biennial
Integration and resistance. A glance at the Latin American artistic organizations and movements in Canada // Una mirada a las organizaciones y movimientos artísticos latinos en Canadá.
This lecture was presented by Arlan Londono
10th edition of the Havana Biennial

Sub_version Project:
This project was created by e-fagia collective and more than fifty participants.
Alucine Festival

Video Screenings, Art and Latin American Culture
Programming Director: Arlan Londoño

Digital Event"07
Curated by Arlan Londoño, Miguel Rojas Sotelo, Jorge Marulanda, and Victoria Mofawad-Paul

Documentarie series:
Pascua Lama: A Contemporary Quest for El Dorado (Chile/USA)
Director: Carolina Loyola-Garcia
Allende Festival

Transmisiones Alternas / Alterned Transmission:
Amelia Jimenez, Jorge Lozano, Guillermina Buzio, Sara Malinarich, Alejandro Duque, Jorge Marulanda, Heliuemn Triana and Mercedes Angola
Bienal Interactiva

Video Screenings, Art and Latin American Culture
Programming Director: Arlan Londoño

Digital Event"06
Curated by Arlan Londoño, Jorge Marulanda, and Julieta Maria