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The In_dependence project, which was designed as a research project with the aim of rethinking Latin American Independence in terms of artistic and political manifestos. The published output will consist of a video database, articles and working papers.

Most of this project has been shooted in public spaces like restaurants. We are proposing the research and creation of a project involving art interventions at culturally specific restaurant businesses in downtown Toronto.  Food is something that unites us, and it is one of the most common ways to have access to another culture. This project will aim to problematize and complicate the consumption dynamics of the public attending some selected restaurants, developing a series of interventions created as a collaboration between local artists and scholars engaged with issues surrounding each specific community. These interventions, once the research and creation stage is concluded, would be carried out at the specific locations during the Production stage. Parallel to the artistic interventions, a talk or screening will be scheduled by the artists and scholars who have collaborated in the creation of the work. This will be useful to contextualize the work and speak about issues that are important to their community.

This project has been created by Arlan Londono and co-coordinated by Julieta Maria and Heliumen Triana