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e-fagia visual and media arts organization


e-fagia is a Toronto-based organization of artists whose mandate is to create, produce, and disseminate visual and media art projects with an emphasis on contemporary Canadian and Latin American artists, focusing on diversity. We provide space for artists’ visibility in the national and international communities, while advancing theoretical inquiry through exhibitions, digital and print publications, and lectures by local and international artists, curators and scholars.

We have a trans-disciplinary approach towards the complexity of contemporary arts: we foster encounters between new media artists and people of other academic disciplines to develop aesthetic and socio-communicational projects under the net of relations enabled by new technologies. 

Our publications and presentations help us to expose the public to different types of contemporary artistic production. Today, our programming projects are composed of:

new media projects: creation and production
curatorial: new media exhibitions and lectures
education: workshops
arts network: web news about local and international context
publications: web and print
history and activities

The name of the collective, e-fagia, stems from the word "phagia" which means, "to eat", or consume ideas in order to transform them.

e-fagia is a Toronto-based collective of artists and writers created in 2004. As a collective we have undertaken several projects. During the past years we have organized a number of exhibitions, lectures and web initiatives created by members of our collective. These initiatives include: Disfagia Magazine, 2005, Subversion Project 2006, and Digital Event 2006, 2007 and 2009, Symposium on Decolonial Aesthetics, 2013. In addition, we have participated in other local and international exhibitions as invited curators and artists. In the international context we have participated in the 2007 Ushuaia Biennale in Ushuaia, Argentina, the Interactiva’07 and '09 Biennales in Mérida, Mexico, The Friends of Latin American Cinema Festival in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA (2008), The 10th and 11th Havana Biennial in Cuba (2009, 2012), The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, New York University (2011, 2012) and Queens Museum (2011, 2012). In the local context we have presented works and collaborated with groups and organizations in Toronto, like the Salvador Allende and aluCine festivals; artist run centers A Space Gallery, Toronto Free Gallery, LIFT and Fuse Magazine; educational institutions like OCAD Media Lab, Centennial College and the University of Toronto, Ryerson University and York University. In Montreal, we have worked in collaboration with Makila.TV, The Magic Blanket and Agence Topo.

participants and collaborators

e-fagia is a space of connection for their members, in spite of physical and professional distances. This has nurtured the project, integrating experiences that have been acquired in different societies, as well of bringing together contrasting opinions about artistic practices. The group of contributors is as follows:

board of directors:

Oscar Ordoñez
documentary filmmaker

Carmen Ocampo

Cultural worker, psychologist.

Angélica Kastillo

visual designer

Ricardo Rozenthal

Rodrigo Hernández-Gómez
visual artist


Director / curator:
Julieta Maria
visual and new media artist,
contact@e-fagia.org - julieta.spirits@gmail.com

Coordinator / curator:
Maria Coates
M.A Art History

contact info:

phone: 1 - 416 - 571-0231
178 jameson avenue, apt 5
m6k 2y8, Toronto, on

Past invited artists and curators:

Rodrigo Hernández-Gómez

Eugenio Salas
visual artist

Guillermina Buzio
visual artist and curator

education and workshops

Diana Cadavid
new media artist

Alvaro Girón

web & media developers:
Jorge Marulanda, Julieta Maria and Arlan Londono

Bogotá, Colombia.
Mercedes Angola,

visual artists,
professor of visual arts department
at national university of colombia

Heliumen Triana,
professor of visual arts department
at national university of colombia