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From Html Conceptualism to Transborder Disturbances
by Ricardo Dominguez

The course will cover the emergence of HTMLconceptualism, tactical media, and browser based aesthetics with Mosaic in 1993/4 to 1998, it will then explore art and activist based ISPs (Internet Service Providers), such as thing.net. The second section will consider the performative matrix of distributed forms of simulation and code from 1998 to 2000. The final section will consider the rise of social media and locative media – or how code moves into world... go+

Performing The Body: Wearable Electronics, Sound And Erotics
by Micha Cardenas and Elle Mehrmand
In this workshop participants will create wearable electronics using the lilypad arduino, sensors, and sound.  The workshop will consist of three days including performance, Puredata (Pd-extended) and open source electronics. Elle Mehrmand and Micha Cárdenas will share their experiences developing performance art using these tools. Participants will work towards developing a performance piece of their own/collaboration, and will have an opportunity for performing at the end of the workshop, if they choose to do so. To develop the performances the workshop will entail performance exercises inspired by Theater of the Oppressed, La Pocha Nostra and physical improvisation... go+

Activism Beyond The Interface an itinerant production lab
by Alessandra Renzi and Roberta Buiani
During this lab activists and artists are invited to produce a radio programme about an ecology of different forms of activist practices. The second part of the event will involve  guests and the audience in a radio show, to discuss in more detail the contexts and situations that can engender new modes of relation among groups, the sharing of values, the co-creation of specific tools (e.g. media, forms of collaboration, tactics, etc.) to understand and learn from the work of others.

We understand the production of the radio show as work-in-progress striving to create a positive, respectful and safe space where activists and artists support each other in this inquiry. This is the first of a series of labs that will take place in different cities and that will adapt and grow with different situations, to create a useful resource that continuously rethinks and (re)imagines activism. Join us... go+

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